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what a missed opportunity

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# Sasuke 4 Hokage

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Master and apprentice’s reunion.

This is one of the only things that redeemed this chapter for me.

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3 years later
commissioned by Zhusanna for her friend’s fanfiction. :)

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I have no idea what is this but *drools*


Why is there no Sakura though? :(

—quietly slips a sakura in there—


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Okay but let’s be real here.

Sakura didn’t stand a chance against Madara, and Kishimoto knew that. Kishimoto made it a point to show us that she was terrified, and that she was a second away from stepping back in fear. But then that precious bravery of hers kicks in and she rushed forward anyway. 

She fucking attacked Madara head on.

I don’t give a fuck if it wasn’t successfulOnly Naruto and Sasuke (and Gai, apparently) can hurt this man, out of thousands of other shinobi. But Sakura got right in his fucking face anyway and took a would be fatal hit to create a distraction.

That’s so fucking brave and badass. God, this girl. 

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Kunoichi on the battlefield.

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on another note, we all know that Sakura is fucken-ing-ly badass and caring and all, but here she SHIELDED THE ACID FOR OBITO. how can anyone DENY that ????

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I find it pretty interesting (sad) that Sakura embodies Narutos philosophy of hard work is just as great as bloodlines better than Naruto himself. And then is left behind all said bloodlines anyway :(


civillian parents, no bloodline, had to look for a mentor herself, no special chakra reserves, no destiny card to play, no reincarnation card to play, no friends willing to give free power ups

most neglected member of her team

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She’s been saving them from the start.

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