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[Bath time]

Everyone call Subaru is angry mom, and Daichi is really like a reliable daddy, so I come to this idea (≧∇≦ )/.
It’s family time haha…It is my first time drawing chibis Daichi. Cute isn’t he?

sssooo cute o(^▽^)o

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ハイスクール 編

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A keepsake that Sakura has at her desk years later.

A gift to the classiest fandom in Naruto. We get haters left and right but we just keep doing our own thing, like we do~

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"You flatter me Anon"

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My Forged Wedding - high school route:)

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In Your Arms Tonight - [Sky of Love for Two] Jpn Substory

((Please credit back to this blog for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve taken that was originally posted from this blog. DO NOT REPOST! Please ask permission first before using ANYTHING originally posted here for edits or other stuffs! Thank you!))

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New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」(Our secret love song)

The legendary idol group of five

"You have already become an accomplice…"

The secret contract, which is made to deceive 100 million of people

"I won’t let you escape, Miss ghostwriter”

"You have got talent"

"I wonder if (they are) pleased"

"A love affair between the national idol and ghostwriter!?"

"I am going to tell every one of you our secret"

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you stupid shits and your senpais i dont care about em i want sensei to notice me

oh, youre from one of those animes

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pirates in loveSirius Crew

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Be My Princess For GREE (JP)
Zen Main Route ~Secret Happy End all CGs

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Spying Eye Story out now!!!